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About Us.  We're a team of seasoned professionals with a vision to connect people in a virtualized version of the real world.  We aspire to enable people to experience reality in a new and exciting way.  Our hope is that our users will be able to visualize, collaborate, and transform the world around them.  We're thrilled to be a pioneer of this new and exciting industry, and glad you've taken the time to consider us to help with your next real estate project. 

Matthew M. M.A. Economics, B.Commerce and CFA Charter Holder. Matthew has deep expertise in finance with experience ranging from Wall Street to various C-level roles. 

James R. M.S. Computer Science and B.S. Statistics & Operations Research. James is an expert in software engineering and has overseen the development and maintenance of graphically-intense applications as programmer, producer and engineer.  

Michael S. B.A. Business & Marketing. Michael began working as an analyst for a nationwide retail developer in 1995 and has participated in multiple areas of the real estate industry since, including project leasing, acquisitions, dispositions, personal investments, 1031 exchanges, site selection, marketing, and technology. 

Proud to call Austin, TX home 
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